I Love Being a Pole Barn Publisher!

Our open house yesterday was a smashing success! We had fifty-two people here at one point and there were people everywhere!  Last week someone ‘elsewhere’ tried to disparage Wynwidyn Press for being located in a ‘pole barn.’  We got so many comments last night about what a wonderful little place we have here, how it is so creative and how it exudes such a warm and inviting feel.  I was told that it was a clever thing to do as it obviously keeps the overhead down, but that once inside, one would never know it was a ‘pole barn.’

Sure made me happy and we have all worked hard to make this place exactly what it is and to reflect who and what we are. 

But it also has made me think about the world and websites and how it is what one says and does that truly reflects the depth of a person or their company.  I’ve been told that I should answer any and every question someone might have on my company website.  I disagree.  I think a website should have enough to get someone’s attention, give them the basics and then, if they are interested, they will call.  If they have questions, we can answer them. In detail.  I would far rather talk to an author.  Any author should have more questions.  I would.

Not every self-publishing company will appeal to every author.  That is why there is room for all of us.  We offer different packages and options.  We compete, sure, but isn’t that what should make each of us better at what we do? Competition should be a healthy incentive to always do our best by our customers.

Meanwhile, back to yesterday…

So much fun to see the kids that came curled up in various places reading the Alyndoria books.  Various authors came to check us out!  Mara McBain came as did Adriana Noir! It was fun seeing and meeting fellow writing.com authors! Author Peggy Grigowski came and helped out and was such a phenomenal help! Thanking you all!




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3 responses to “I Love Being a Pole Barn Publisher!

  1. maramcbain

    The outside may look like a pole barn, but when you walk through the doors it is like stepping into a different world. The warmth and charm is encompassing. I envy those that work there! Best of luck to Wynwidyn!

  2. Let’s not forget that many of those big houses today often started in the corner of someone’s basement! You and your staff are wonderful people, and the inside of Wynwidyn is nothing short of an enchanted woodland. It’s not just the look of that place, but the FEEL as well. Best of luck to you all.

  3. I love Wynwidyn Wonderland!

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