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Every now and then, one finds themselves at a crossroads.  The way behind, for whatever reason, has a big ‘CLOSED TO ALL WANDERING TRAFFIC’ sign across it.  The way ahead has a detour sign pointing off in new directions.  The ‘indecision-what do I do now’ meter wavers back and forth until the internal clock-work spring sproings and one is left sitting bemused at the intersection of ‘What Was’ and ‘What Could Be.’

So I thought, considered, dreamed and wondered.  Then after a few choice comments from wonderful friends and a well-placed boot in the butt from my dear sister-in-law, the thoughts became coherent and I had…

My Epiphany

if one is fortunate, perhaps,
or brave, or
just determined,
life happens in a specific way to lead you,
with flashing arrows
(should you choose to look)
down a specific path, and looking
back you wonder
how you could possibly have missed the signs.

I am leaping and this Robin
shall grow wings in the leaping,
as I fly towards
this dream, long sleeping,
but now awakened
as the rubble fell around me;
crushing one dream, and yet, in
the ‘all things for a reason’ vein
bleeding into another
which shall grow from salt watered tears, but more,
from the knowing that
it is time
I fly.

I know how to do what I need to do and what I may not know, I am good at finding folks who do.  More importantly, I know what NOT to do.  I’ve learned much about people and customer service and I certainly know/understand/get writers.

Writers.  We are an interesting, creative, not always logical, emotional breed.  I love working with creative souls.  Surrounding myself with creative souls who can market and edit and do all sorts of amazing things her at Wynwidyn Press is such an experience.  I am living the dream and loving it!


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