Grand Ribbon Cutting with Brighton-Pinckney-Lakeland-Hell Chamber of Commerce

We have been so busy, busy,busy here at Wynwidyn I almost forgot to tell you all about our ribbon-cutting with the Greater Brighton Area-Pinckney-Lakeland-Hell Chamber of Commerce. The place was packed! We went drank so much coffee and cider, and we ate many doughnuts that Robin bought from the Pinckney Bakery downtown. There was even a bowl of apples for the health conscious. It was an intriguing opportunity to talk to the owner of Ed Bock. I found out he was only 25 when he was offered the chance to buy the store. Now that I think about it, the store might be older than he is! He is a very community conscious business owner. Ed Bock is a landmark in Pinckney and I can see why he was picked to own it. I met his wife, who is a journalist from The Sun Times. She was very proud that The Sun Times was the only completely locally owned,  operated, and focused newspaper in the area. I met two insurance investors who surprised me with their honor. They were quite proud that their company, for over a hundred years, had never invested in any risky ventures, and had an impeccable record of integrity. I met an attorney. I met the most amazing seamstress who could custom design any pattern, or make any measurement, or alternation on site alone. She could just look at someone and would know exactly what your measurements were, and how much material to use. I met a bunch of crafty people who were small business owners in the area. Some people were just good at schmoozing. (Links coming in the morning)

Authors Carrie Rogers and Wayne Burkhardt were there to make us look official!

chamber of commerce grand opening 169

Robin and guest

What a happy crowd

What a happy crowd

Wayne Burhardt

Wayne Burhardt

All in all, we had a wonderful reception!


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