Grand Openings

Our Grand Opening is tomorrow.  June 21st, 2012.  Grand is one of those words that has multiple meanings for me.

My grandchildren call me ‘Grand.’

“How do you like being a grandmother?”

“It is just grand!” And it is.  A long time ago, in a book by Madeleine L’Engle – one of her later ones, I believe, the one character called her grandmother that.  As a ten year old, I thought that when I was all grown up, I wanted my grandchildren to call me ‘Grand.’ Well, I’m not quite sure, at the grand and glorious age of 58, if I am all grown up, (don’t think so) but the kids do  call me Grand!

Grand can imply huge and glorious and fantastic.  Our Grand Opening of Wynwidyn Press will be huge FOR me.  My dream is coming true which is glorious. That it is happening at all is fantastic. If it weren’t for a wonderful sister-in-law who invested several err grand into Wynwidyn Press, I would still be at the dream stage.

I have no clue outside of family, friends and my authors (How cool is that??? My authors! LOVE it!) how many folks are coming or will show up.  Wouldn’t it be just grand if an extra ten or twenty or 5349 people wandered in?  I truly hope some people (that I do not know) want to know who and what we are and come by.  That would be GRAND!

Then there is the difference between ‘an opening’ and a ‘grand opening.’  What makes one grander than the other?  Balloons billowing overhead?  A brass band or heraldic trumpeters?  Super-extra-special-today-only prices?

We’ve got a really awesome cake coming!  Super authors.  Great deals on books.  If someone were to come and then come back with a book, we’d give them a $100.00 discount–no, NOT a grand! We DO need to make money, after all, this is a business!

But then again, our ‘opening’ WILL be GRAND!  Why? Because Wynwidyn Press is people who have heart. We believe in our authors.  We understand our authors because we are writers too.  We understand the heart, hard work and joy that goes into a book. We ‘get it!’

Someday, down the road a bit, when we have lots and lots of followers, perhaps someone will happen upon this blog and think that we might just be the self-publisher for them.  They might call, or drop in and see just what we are all about.  They might sign up with us and soon be holding their book in their hands. Hopefully, they’d mention this particular blog.  They’d still get the discount…but that is not the point.  For someone to see this months from now and want us to do their book…that…that…THAT would be just GRAND!

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