Wynwidyn in the works

In the wonderful world of Wynwidyn we are a crew of busy, busy bees. The Press is up to 13 new books coming out in the next few months. There are books for babies, children, fearless adults, and poets. It is all very exciting!

Recently, Wynwidyn Press became a member of the Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce. This has opened up a few new opportunities for us. For instance, if you live locally you may begin to see the publications of press releases regarding Wynwidyn Press. Robin and I will have the opportunity to network and meet even more interesting people.

Robin Moyer was also interviewed on WLPN. The link to that will be posted as soon as possible.

We also added a couple of maps in the office that have pin marks to represent the locations of all the Wynwidyn Press authors. It looks pretty impressive already!

Another creative touch Robin added, besides the Autumnal decorations, was to change over the authors leaves on the tree to autumn colors, too. The dragon in the tree doesn’t seem to mind.

A couple of people from Ed Bock’s have poked their heads into the office today wanting to know what this place was about. We were happy to tell them.

The Writing.Com Anthology is the next big project we are working on. It will be a beautiful collection of a lot of gifted authors. Keep your eyes peeled for more release dates.

Until then, write on!


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