Welcome to the Words of Wynwidyn

Well.  Blogs are cool and fun and all that.  I usually write newsletters, but this will be a combination of random thoughts, thoughts on writing and ideas about publishing, getting manuscripts ready for the next step or fun happenings going on at Wynwidyn Press!  It is a dream finally coming true to have my own small press.  Up front, we are a pay to publish self-publishing enterprise.  We do all the editing, layouts, cover designs, ISBNs that one needs to get published the self-publishing way and are a good fit for those who do not want to do all that themselves.  We also offer marketing and all sorts of good stuff all of which is explained on our website http://www.wynwidynpress.com.

Having said all that, feel free to go check it out!

On to the dream.  Frankly, it is a scary thing to decide to open your own business; to take that extraordinary leap of faith and pray that the sky-hooks miraculously appear and that all will go well. It takes time.  I know that.  But we do have authors, and we have books out (check out http://www.alyndoria.com) as well as several other books coming out in the next few months. *big smile*

There is something very precious and special about watching the emotions play across the face of a writer beginning to consider the possibilities of actually being published, or seeing an author holding his book in his hands for the first time. Joy, sheer delight, almost a giddiness comes over them and you can almost see their inner self leaping and dancing.  These moment are what I love about what I do.  There are those who scoff at self-publishing or call it a vanity press.  Published is published.  Either one can submit manuscripts numerous times, maybe get accepted, possibly get an advance.  Of course that advance is against the royalties you hope to accrue when the book is a smashing success.  If it is.  There are no guarantees at either end of the spectrum. Or, one can invest in themselves, take that leap and then work like the dickens to do what it takes to give it a shot.

Writers write because we can’t not write.  Once the book is in the author’s hands, then the work starts.  Book signings, marketing, doing what it takes to get the book out there.  We work very hard to help our authors succeed.  We don’t toss events at an author and send them on their way; we teach you how to do the interviews, signings, events etc.  Oh and we charge extra for that, right? NOPE!  Because, this whole process is, for me, what it is all about.  Sure we all want to make some money… but I want authors to succeed, to be happy and feel excited about what they have done, are doing and will continue to do.

That’s why I started my company!!!


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  1. Wynwidyn rocks my socks off! (and so will this

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